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Anyone doing the March COT for the AF JAG and still waiting for an assignment?


I was just looking for information about when to expect to be notified about my assignment and saw a similar post last year.  It seems like they got their assignments the first or second week of January.  Has anybody who is going to the March COT already gotten their assignments?

Yes, I am also going to attend COT at Maxwell AFB in March.  I have not yet received my base assignment, but have been advised that I should receive a phone call from  a Major at the Pentagon by the end of January.  If you have not heard by then, you should contact your officer accessions liaison.


End of January huh?  That's interesting.  I was first told the first or second week of January, but I haven't received word yet.  I'm sure I'll be getting it soon, though.  I guess with all the holidays and election, the process has been going a bit slower than last year.  Hopefully I'll know sometime before the end of next week.

When did you get selected?  I've been waiting for over a year now.

Good luck on your assignment choice. 

Hey -- great to hear back from you.  I was notified that the JAG selection board had selected me in August of 2008, and then had to wait about 5 months for the medical clearance to go through.  I think MLK day and the election has put the Pentagon behind a little it.  The Pentagon was closed on election day, and I think a lot of people took a long weekend.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us.  Once we know where we will be stationed, we can get in touch with our sponsors who, hopefully, will be able to shed a lot of light on the whole COT and JASOC process.  In the meantime, check out this blog -- read from the very bottom up for chronological order -- it's an excellent narrative of what to expect.  It is written by a JAG who went through COT and JASOC and is stationed in Italy.  Lucky guy.


Thanks for the information.  I agree.  That guy is pretty lucky.  At this point, though, with how the economy has been going, I'm not too concerned about the location of my first assignment.  I'll feel better after I get it though, because it'll be more real in my mind.  This 13 month wait has been tough.  Hopefully we'll both hear something soon.

True -- each day I read about law firms laying off droves of associates.  Are you right out of law school?  I guess you could call me a "fifth year associate."  I started my career at a big firm where I spent three years, then went to a huge firm for a year, and am presently with a litigation boutique.  I decided to make a major life adjustment and serve in the military.  I wanted a new adventure, and a more meaningful law practice.

Keep on posting, and let me know when you hear about your base assignment.  I will do the same.  If you have gleaned anything useful about COT, please share as well.


Will do.  I'm sure COT won't be that bad.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I'm sure it would be difficult to adjust to military life without something like that.  I was even in the National Guard for eight years, and still feel like I need an adjustment period to get back into the 'military mode.'

It sounds like you'll be bringing in a lot of good experience.  I did just graduate; well, it's been almost a year now, so maybe not "just."  But yeah, that's why the waiting seems so long.  I had a pretty good job offer at a small securities boutique, where I was a law clerk for awhile, but after I found out I passed the bar I was honest with them and told them that I would be joining JAG.  They wanted somebody to stay around awhile, so I've just been waiting around for a couple of months now.  I'm excited about starting.  I went into law school already intending to apply, having already served in the military for awhile, but I really made up my after 1L year. It just seems to be a far better fit for me than working in a big law firm.   Even though the pay is not as good, I'm sure a typical JAG's quality of life is a lot better, not having billable hours to meet, and what not.  Even moving doesn't bother me much, since I've always had a bit of wanderlust.  The only hard part was talking my wife into it.  I was deployed to Iraq for a year so she was really hesitant at first.  But after seeing how much I really wanted to do it, she's really supportive now.  Plus, I'm sure any deployment will be far better as a AF JAG than what I experienced as a part-time soldier in the Guard; which actually really put my civilian career behind.  At least deploying this time, if needed, will advance my career if anything.

Wow - it really sounds like you have some great military experience!  I am new to all of this.  My wife's brother is an Air Force pilot, but his experience to date has been far different from mine.  The JAG does things differently from other Air Force occupation fields, in terms of the selection and training.  It is really exciting, though, no question about it.

Speaking of exciting -- I just received a phone call last night with my base assignment options!  You should hear soon too, if you haven't already.  My choices are very very different from each other.  Once we make up our minds, I will let you know.  Funny you say, it is definitely harder for my wife than for me.  I would gladly relocate every year if I could.  I love to travel and experience new places.  So, a big part of the base decision will come down to my wife.  I want her to be happy.  Anyways, we have one very remote, desolate U.S. choice, and one very cool overseas choice.  Neither of which we had ever expected....  I will let you what we decide on.

I would welcome a deployment opportunity.  It does enhance your career, too.  But, I really want to play a part on the war on terrorism.  That's what excites me.  How was your deployment experience?  What are the work days like?  Weekends?  How are the living quarters?  Do you have email access regularly? 


Congratulations on getting your assignment choices.  I still haven't heard anything.  Hopefully I will very soon! I'm guessing you guys are going to pick the "very cool overseas choice," over the "desolate U.S. choice," but that's just a hunch.

As far as deployments go, I'm sure the AF will be far different; especially now.  I deployed in 2003.  We didn't have much email.  I slept on a cot the entire time, and mostly lived in tents.  We didn't have AC or heating most of the time.  As far as the work hours, we either had tons and tons of downtime, or basically no spare time at all.  There wasn't much in between.  But like I said, that was during the chaotic time right after we went into Iraq, so I'm sure it's vastly different now.

Hey friend,

Well, it is official.  I confirmed my base assignment with the Pentagon today.  We will be going to Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany!!  How amazing that is going to be.... three years in Europe.  Everyone I have talked to who has been stationed in Europe absolutely loves it.  I think we got pretty lucky with this post.  It was either Germany or South Dakota.  We are still young and don't have kids, so we figured, why not adventure?  My wife is really excited because she actually speaks some German.

Have you heard anything yet?  The next step will be trying to finalize the paperwork and get my orders so that I can have all my ducks lined up, have my wife ready to move, and then depart for COT, all within the next few weeks.  There sure is a lot to do.

Hope that you get a good assignment.  At any rate, anywhere you go, Air Force bases are really nice.  They are much nicer than other services.