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Anyone doing the March COT for the AF JAG and still waiting for an assignment?


Congratulations!  That sounds like a great assignment.  I'm sure you guys will have a good time traveling around Europe on your off time. 

I got my assignments today too.  None of them were on my preference sheet, but it still turned out well.  One is in Mississippi and the other is in Spokane Washington.  My wife and I decided to go to Fairchild in Washington.  We've both been there and like the location.  We actually didn't want to go overseas on our first assignment because our son is still so small we probably wouldn't have that much fun traveling, and he would definitely appreciate it more when he gets older anyway.

Good luck with all your preparations over the next several weeks.  Congratulations again. I guess I'll see you in Montgomery.

Congratulations to you as well!  We actually had Washington state on our preference list!  That is going to be an awesome assignment - better than Mississippi I imagine.  We had wanted to stay in the U.S. for our first assignment, while we get used to military life, but South Dakota was just not happening.  Haha.  Off to Germany we go!

Have you received any other information yet, regarding moving, getting commissioned, or your sponsor at the gaining base?  I have not.  I am waiting for that -- we have a ton of questions to ask and feel like time is running out.

Why don't you send me an email - click on the email button next to my username on this website.  We can properly make each other's acquaintances prior to OTS.

I just found this discussion today so I dont know if you two are still checking it, but I am also going to COT in March.  It would be great to talk to you guys before I get there.  I find this whole process somewhat overwhelming because I think of new questions everyday!  Oh, and I am assigned to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.  It was my 2nd choice!  :-)

Hey all. I just graduated from January (09-02) COT and am currently in JASOC. Just thought I would post and say hello and see if I could be of any help.

I would recommend checking out the forums and especially the COT and JAG threads.

I'll be headed to Nellis AFB (Las Vegas, #5 on my CONUS dream sheet bases) once I graduate from JASOC in April.