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thank you for your response. right now i am debating between hofstra, pace and syracuse. off the bat i've pretty much thrown out Pace as an option. hofstra has provided a small scholarship ($12.5K) but with its high cost of living as compared to the city of syracuse, my numbers tell me that the cost difference will be negligible.

while working in nyc is at the top of my goals, i do want to keep open the possibility of working in D.C. from what i pull off of the bios of law offices in the DC market, it seems as if there is a greater syracuse presence than hofstra.

true, living in syracuse for 3 years is not exactly appealing to me. but, if it opens a few more doors in the long run, i think i will be able to grind it out.

when you were filtering down your list of schools, what made you chose hofstra over your other choices? what other offers did you turn down to enroll at hofstra?

thanks again for your help.

Let me first start off with the Cost of Living. I'm guessing you know that Hofstra is on long island and not in New York City, therefore the cost of living is MUCH less than if you lived in the city. While the housing situation is a lot different than around a university campuses (I would not recommend moving into the overpriced dorms), it is possible to find inexpensive housing. Personally, I'm paying $675 for a studio apt that's in a converted house in a nice neighborhood near the train station. It possible to find cheaper if you rent a room from someone or find roommates and rent a place. Of course there are more expensive options, my friend pays about 1,000 a month for a one bedroom that's on a second floor of a house, but its obviously much more spacious. So, if the cost of living is higher, its probably at MOST 2-3k.

Second, if you want to work in nyc, i'd definitely tell you go to Hofstra. While you probably need to be towards the top of the class to get a big law job (probably about the same as syracuse), the proximity to the city is great, not only for going out, but also for interviewing with employers. Although I haven't done 2L OCI cause I'm only a 1L, but i'm guessing its much easier to go in for a callback interview from OCI or go to a first interview if the firm does not do OCI. (And also if I get a Summer Associate position, I will be able to take the train into the city instead of moving) So, essentially you get the benefit of being close to the city, without the city price.

As for possibly working in D.C., I'm not sure what the stats are, but as you probably know Hofstra is a more regional school (as I'm guessing syracuse is, or maybe a little less cause its pretty far away), but I'm sure there is the possibility of either finding work in D.C. if you want to take the initiative or making a lateral transfer after you have work experience.

As for me personally, from the schools that I decided to apply to based on mostly whether there was a good family law program (not sure I want to do that anymore) so it was either stay in Florida and get in state tuition or move to NY and go to Hofstra and pay about the same because of the scholarship. My sister and Aunt also live in the city and Queens so I knew I'd have family up here. So far I have been happy with my decision (since a top school was not an option for me, and even though it might be now, its not worth the money to transfer).

Hope that helps. My only other advice, is make an informed decision, think about what you really want including your goals and where you want to work.

To support my cost analysis betweeen Hofstra and Syracuse, see the ranking of law schools by cost.

what lender did you choose? and from conferring with others do you think it was the best choice?

I didn't really investigate which lender to go with, but most of the major lenders have similar repayment options and incentives. I just went with Bank of America because i have a checking and credit card with them and would rather go with a company that I currently use and hoping it should be more convenient. Also, I have not and I have never heard any of my friends conferring with each other over what lender to go with. I feel like worrying about the loans are not a top priority until graduation, but then its probably not really discussed that much. So either do your research and see what companies have the best pay back incentives (for example, a reduction in interest rate if paid on time for 6 months) or go with a big company you are familiar with.


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