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what to write about in my diversity statement

what to write about in my diversity statement
« on: January 01, 2009, 12:11:31 AM »
Hi I am new to all this, so please bare with me, need lots of answers.

My life has been very diverse, and I have lots to write about. I have a year to write something to help me get in to my target school, which is UPenn. I am working very hard to do well on the LSAT and keep my GPA high, but I have no clue which of my diversities to write about so I would love some feedback from everyone. I feel maybe not all of them would help my application, but I could be wrong, I just have no idea. Any replies are appreciated greatly.

About me/things I could write about
32 male
Asian (chinese)
Naturalized Citizen
had childhood illness was not expected to survive
Arrived in US to attend highschool, got screwed by my relative/guardian and had to live/support myself since 16
dropped out of HS (see above) and later obtained GED
Was homeless for some time after dropping out, backpacked across the country with no money no support
worked form chinese restaurants all the way up the ladder to be a software developer - all self-taught
Attended community college part time with 3.8 GPA, but had to drop out to work full time to support myself
worked out reach, with inner city children
worked with education sector - developed nationally published/recognized software system
ran my own business
Had nearly fatal accident while professionally racing. came back strong after and won national race.
back to pursue undergrad while working fulltime still after 8 years out of cc
Married African American and have mixed kids, and are still working full time to support family
Supporting parents still in China (retired)

Goal schools: Penn and Temple (have to stay in philly, my house is here)
major: computer science
GPA hope to stay 3.8
LSAT: practice test 161-168, working on getting to 170

I feel truly blessed to be who i am. but I dont want my statement to be too overwhelming, over reaching, over the top, or too much of a sob story. I know it is my life and what happened but I dont want to turn someone off by appearing to try too hard. suggestions?

thank you all in advance, I look forward to hearing some feedback, suggestions and advice