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Same undergrad and law school?

Re: Same undergrad and law school?
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I've heard people refer to getting your bachelor's and master's degree from the same school as an "inbred pedigree"--seen as not exactly a good thing; I guess some think it's the easier thing to do.  I would think it would depend on the school and how independent the master's program is from the undergrad part of the school, and, of course, how prestigious the school is.  I don't think anyone would sniff at a bachelor's and JD from Harvard or Yale.  But, I have no clue whether this applies to LS.

This post caught my eye because I'm also considering going to the same school for my B.A. and my J.D. However, unlike Harvard and Yale, NYU has a pretty mediocre ranking for undergraduate, but has an outstanding law school. While I'm trying to avoid the "inbred pedigree," there's a really good chance that NYU will be the best school that I can get into. So I guess I'm sort of in the opposite situation, where I have to ask if I want to go to a higher ranked school despite it being my undergraduate alma mater.

If you get into NYU, you should go there. There really isn't any "inbreeding" in law school that way and if it is a school that is much more nationally recognized (like NYU) then it is a good choice. Plenty of people go to the same undergrad and law school. In certain regions, like Texas, which is the one I know, it serves you well if your undergrad is recognized as a good law school (although in the case of the U of Texas, it actually hurts your chances of getting in).