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For recent graduates and 3Ls: did you live up to your expectations for yourself?

I imagine that most of us went into law school with certain expectations of ourselves: they could include winning a particular writing competition, joining the law review, making the top X%, working for a certain caliber firm, getting a clerkship, leading a student organization, getting to know professors, or a slew of other things. But, as is frequently the case, many people fail to live up to those goals while others far surpass their expectations.

When you entered law school, how did you honestly think that you would do? And now that the dust has settled, how did things actually turn out?


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When I started law school I honestly thought I would be near the bottom of my class, or even fail out. I have really bad dyslexia and its makes writing a real challenge for me. I just thought I would do the best I could, and thatís the best I could do. I exceeded those expectations, so 2L I set my personal goal of top 25%, I beat that and I was content.

I wanted to write on to a particular journal that covered my area of interest in law, I did that, and I was content.

I wanted to get something published on my area of interest in the law in spite of writing being so difficult to me, I did that and I was content.

I wanted to meet some new people since I did not know anyone here, I have met the best friends I have ever had, I am content.

Most of all I just wanted the chance to try law school despite my LSAT score and bad UG performance (from the first time I went to UG and failed out because I did not have a computer to help me write). My school gave me that chance, and I am content.

If I manage to not fail out between now and May, and pass the bar, I will be content.

There are some things I did not get to do in law school, but Iím OK with that, in general Iím just really grateful I had this opportunity and the chance to do the things I did get to do, and so I have no regrets.

I got off the waitlist at my school by the skin of my teeth, so I only expected to stay in good standing academically, keep my scholarship, get on moot court, and maybe moot court board.

So far I am just outside the top 10% of my class (missed it by 2 people), I got on a moot court team and did well, have won awards for oral advocacy, and now I am on the moot court board. I was also awarded a fellowship for public interest work. I've been on the dean's list consistently. So I have far exceeded my expectations, and I really don't how I did it other than consistently studying and sticking to my study formula. I don't know if I will keep up my GPA this semester because I took a few difficult curved classes, and was swamped with moot court board, but we will see. I am at the point that if I have a job after graduation, and pass the bar, I will be happy with everything I've done.

I far exceeded my expectations.

I came in wanting to 1) maintain my scholarship, 2) make a journal, 3) graduate in the top 25%, 4) have a decent job paying around $50K per year.

I not only maintained my scholarship, but got another. I didn't just get on a journal, I got on Law Review. I graduated top 12%. I got a great job, which has made me quite a bit more comfortable than I had thought was possible for me.

But best of all, I found my calling, and that makes my other goals seem less important.


Yep. Came in with the goal to work in one particular job and got it.


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no.  i did not meet my own expectations.