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26M, considering the law.

26M, considering the law.
« on: December 15, 2008, 10:51:27 PM »
Here is my situation. I am twenty six years old and will declare my major following the spring semester. I currently attend the University of Tennessee. I have an associate's degree in accounting and initially planned to major in that field, but I have decided that I am tired of accounting and I would be better served choosing a career I am passionate about. Currently I am down to journalism and poli-sci as my two choices, but am open to suggestions. I was considering attending law school after I finish my undergraduate studies. Currently I have a 3.2 GPA(without giving it my best effort recently to be completely honest), and I have done very well on the LSAT preptests I have found online. If I did go to law school it would have to be in the state of Tennessee for financial reasons, unless I received some sort of scholarship. My questions are as follows:

A)How difficult is it to secure money for law school? I am currently dealing with your typical college loans and a pell grant, but the amount of aid my FAFSA offers me seems a pittance compared to what law school would cost. I currently have no real credit history(good or bad) other than a medical debt I am slowly paying off, but in two years could I improve my credit enough to acquire sufficient loans?

B) Assuming I have no family or personal connections(I don't) how hard would it be to get an internship or other position that would help me to get my foot in the door, or even potentially secure a position by graduation?

C) Just how bad is the market for new law school graduates right now?

D) Is the debt worth it, and is it really feasible to work while attending law school(I've been told it's suicide)?

Thanks in advance, and I expect to spend a lot more time here reading and learning over the next couple of years. This place is a godsend. 


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Re: 26M, considering the law.
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2008, 04:26:43 PM »
This site is a Godsend!  The questions you've asked have likely been touched on before in many other threads, so you might just want to start by browsing some of those to glean from the years of collective wisdom.  I can sometimes be faster for people who want to help you out if you're posting in a thread about a particular subject rather than trying to type a response for each question in one thread.  Also, the Non-Traditional board tends to be a little "quieter" than the others so make sure you hop around the board and search for the answers you seek.  Good luck to you, and welcome aboard!