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New law applicant website (not forum based) looking for criticism

Hi all --

I am trying to start a site [] where law applicants [both pre-professional and matriculated]can anonymously display their application statistics to the web-community [yes, similar to; but I my vision is distinctly different]. I am looking for criticism of the site as well as new members. Please sign up and keep the criticism constructive [things like grammar and spelling are WELCOME but I am specifically looking to tailor the site to your needs; broadly, what are you looking for - I knew what I was looking for when I applied, but what are you?]. Thanks and good luck!

Re: New law applicant website (not forum based) looking for criticism
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Some educators have accused law schools like Northwestern’s of poaching their best students, or of using the transfer offer to maintain high rankings in U.S. News & World Report. Northwestern’s law dean, David Van Zandt, doesn’t dispute the poaching charge, which he says is “probably true.” babysitting games psp games But strong students who excel at another law school in their first year “should be entitled to transfer, and there’s no harm in us facilitating that,” he says. “Chrysler and General Motors don’t agree not to poach each other’s customers.”