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Where is a good school to go for JAG?

Re: Where is a good school to go for JAG?
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I'm active duty with Air Force JAG. I cannot speak in regard to the Army or Marine Corps but AF and Navy JAG are incredibly difficult to get into. The Direct Appointment selection rate for AF JAG is 7%-11% annually.

It is difficult to set out exactly what makes for a competitive JAG applicant. The JAG branches obviously look at different criteria in their applicants than BigLaw. Grades and all the other academic activities (law review, moot court, etc) matter. The rank of the law school does not seem to make that much of a difference. The two bases I have worked at have JAGs from T14 through T4. Being at a T14 will not write your ticket for you the way it will in BigLaw. No Staff Judge Advocate (SJA, the colonel that runs each base's legal office) will be impressed with the JD on your wall. The flipside is that if you are at a TTT, you are not out of the running.  For consideration, I was a T25 grad, top 1/3rd of the class, moot court team, secondary journal editor.

Being a commissioned officer in any branch is an incredibly big deal and is always highly competitive. Don't fool yourself into thinking that enlisting in the Army is same as earning a commission.


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Re: Where is a good school to go for JAG?
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Is JAG competitive to get into?


JAG recruits from pretty much every school. So school rank isn't much of a concern. Grades matter, but probably not as much as they do for large firms.

You'll need to pass the physical fitness tests, so having participated in sports is helpful. Stay in pretty good shape, anyway.

JAG has paid 1L and 2L summer internships. You should apply for these. Even if you don't get them. Apply with Army/Navy/Air Force.

Navy has a program where you can be commissioned inactive as an ensign while in law school. Ask a JAG recruiter about this. Air Force has a similar program.

I highly doubt UVa kids have any advantage.