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please help

please help
« on: December 01, 2008, 09:28:58 PM »
I think I qualify as a non-trad applicant. I graduated from a state school (stony brook, ny) in 03' with a double major in business/eco and a minor in math. I was on dean's list twice however my gpa is 3.13 and my lsat is 155--as average as you can get. I worked for a bank for 5 years starting at the very bottom and advanced to become a top-producing account executive. With the downturn in economy the bank no longer exists and I am out on the street trying to start up my own business. I have no illusions about a top ranked school, but can anyone give me an idea what my chances are for a part-time program at schools like Hofstra, Seton Hall, Pace, New York Law School.

Thank you very much for your responses.


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Re: please help
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Go to the following web site:

Use the Schools tab and then choose the various schools you're looking at.  When you then click onto a particual school, I recommend the "graphs" tab.  There you can view previous years admitting data for those who were regiestered on the site.  Breaks it down by gpa/lsat and is nicely displayed. There's tons of other useful stuff as well.  Just play around, you'll figure it out.
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Re: please help
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Thank you