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I have 2 personal statements...which one to use?

I have 2 personal statements...which one to use?
« on: November 24, 2008, 08:31:34 PM »
The first PS is about my love of travel and some of the important realizations I have come to while out of the country. I discuss a backpacking trip I took across thailand, cambodia, and vietnam, and how seeing truly impoverished people really got me to reflect on my incredible luck in winning the sperm lottery and growing up in CA in the USA, and being able to go to a great university and having the world at my feet with unlimited opportunities that most people can only dream of.

The second PS is on a passion of mine - Intrade - a futures predictions market. I talk about what intrade is, how I fell in love with it, and some of the lessons I have learned about decision making in and market psychology - such as how I have learned to be fast, but not hasty, deliberate, but not moribund, and to always discard emotion and trade on my knowledge of objective reality.

Personally, I like the first PS better. I have gotten some different feedback. Some people say that the topic is too cliche and over done - "I went and saw poor people and then I realized I was lucky" - or too limiting, in that I mainly discuss how privileged I am. Others have told me it is well written and engaging, and that even though it may be a common topic, the content and the style make it successful.

As for the second one, some people have thought it is really bad compared with the first, while others have had the total opposite reaction. It is certainly on a unique topic, and not at all cliche, but I think it says less about me - its more like an interesting antecdote then a personal narrative.

I still have some time, so I will let both sit for awhile, but I am really unsure of which way to go. Part of me wants to stay away from cliche territory, but part of me is reasoning that the first PS is heartfelt, and sincere, and that what matters is not the topic, but how it is actually written. Also, these adcoms are reading thousands of these things...can anything NOT be cliche?

Anyways, if you are interested in some reading, please let me know. I'd love to get some feedback on both of them!!!

Email me at if you are interested. If you do read 'em and give me feedback, I can promise to cast a magical spell on you that will provide you with luck on the LSAT and your future life endeavors. Thanks.