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UChicago Visit

UChicago Visit
« on: November 21, 2008, 03:26:08 PM »
Last Friday I visited UChicago. I opted out of the standard open house events and, instead, followed a 2L around campus for the day.

I met up with a 2L student, went and got amazing thai food, brought the food back to the law school, and sat in the student lounge area with a table of 2L students. While eating, I spoke with two 2L students. One had a summer internship with Skadden, the other had a summer internship with Wachtell. Both students, despite their obvious intellect and insane job prospects, were very gracious and down-to-earth.

In fact, everyone I encountered at UChicago was outgoing, friendly, and left such a positive impact on me that I'm pretty sure, at this point,  I'd reject HYS for an opportunity to attend.

After lunch, I sat in on a Corporations class with Henderson. He was wickedly brilliant, witty, and entertaining. The class was fairly large, probably 130 or so, but it felt much smaller... no one was intimidated to speak... There were actually a few points throughout the lecture that I wanted to raise my hand and participate. Henderson had a great way of making the class fun, and had everyone laughing at least 4 or 5 times in the short 1:05 period that I spent with him.

After class...  both Jayme McKellop (Assistant Director of Admissions) and Sara Arimoto-Mercer ( Director of Financial Aid) somehow recognized me from the LSAC Chicago Law Forums, and both took the time to say Hello, which made me feel very welcome. Later, I met with Ann Perry (Assistant Dean for Admissions), with whom I spoke for 10-20 minutes. She was very gracious and helpful.

I've never felt so welcomed and comfortable at a school. It was truly a great experience that I won't forget throughout the app cycle.

Thought I'd share my experience...

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Re: UChicago Visit
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Thanks for sharing!

Re: UChicago Visit
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I totally saw you.  Glad you had fun.