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Best T14 Campus?

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re: being an Irish Catholic and being called Goldstein (let whatever derogatory Jewish term you want stand in), I've dealt with the same thing in the northeast. I'd say it's a product of things other than geographical location.

I've lived all over the country, the last 14 or 15 years south of the Mason-Dixon line (VA, NC, TX, GA, TN). However, I was born in the northeast and lived there until I was 10 or so. My family is a northeastern (moderate) family. Perhaps we're just good at adjusting, but I haven't found it to be a challenge ever. The outliers are what drive southern reputations in the NE, and you deal with very few of them in your everyday life in Nashville (or Charlotte or Chapel Hill or Raleigh or Dallas or No. VA or San Antonio or Atlanta). I use the word "deal" carefully here. I don't mean it like you "deal" with the detour on your way to school.

I think my perspective is close to most people at VULS. I think observationalist is one of the few (not too few, mind you, but not the majority) who is so in touch with the surrounding community. Yet, as you see, even he disposes of the myths.

Again, the outliers distinguish reputations in my experience, but everywhere I have lived (Nashville especially) has been full of 'normal', tolerable people. VULS' wide array of geographical representation underscores the fact that this secret is no longer a secret. You really should just come down and find out for yourself. Observationalist and I can take you out for a drink.

Who says I'd want to go out for a drink with YOU?? [forgets the three times I ran into your crew last weekend, wishes the 1Ls a low-stress exam season so some of them can come out with the River Network people when they're in town in a few weeks].

JNSL, are you saying I have abnormal amount of involvement in the community? I think anyone doing a clinic has more of a relationship with people in the city, as would anyone who's from here originally. I do ok for a transplant and music aficionado I guess, but there are definitely 3Ls who have been mixing with non-law students since they came here.  I do want to start getting more people out on the Cumberland River come spring... if you go 10 miles west there's some great kayaking opportunities on the Cumberland and Harpeth.  It is nice having a gorgeous campus in the middle of an exciting city surrounded by farmland and rolling hills for hundreds of miles

Re: Best T14 Campus?
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Now that your beard is so out of control, I might not want to go for a drink with you any more.

As far as your community involvement goes, maybe you're just loud. :D

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Now that your beard is so out of control, I might not want to go for a drink with you any more.

As far as your community involvement goes, maybe you're just loud. :D

Haha, just wait... there's a public meeting in two weeks on permits for a major development project along Mill Creek. People are up in arms about it. I'm looking forward to seeing some shouting fights break out between the pro-Nashville Crayfish (federally endangered species) and pro-yacht marina/luxury condominium development. If things get especially crazy I might very well stand up and ask a question or two to fuel the fire.  The best part is it's being held at a senior citizen center, so there's gonna be some great stories from oldtimers screaming about the golden days, when major California development groups weren't all about revitalizing Nashville's riverfront.  I'm actually a fan of the group though... they also happen to be the visionaries behind Paradise Park. That means the law school probably supports them indirectly, even if we think they need some better plans in place for mitigating ecosystem manipulation.

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Yale: only one building, so not a campus.
Penn: same.
NYU: no campus per se.
Columbia: God, the law school building is seriously awful.
HLS: only looks nice from one angle, the rest is an exemplar in Soviet Architecture.

Answer: NYU if campus ~= location. Other than that, hopefully it's one of the ones I haven't been to.