Law School Discussion

Considering a part time JD in Boston area NESL (degree in ChemEng and Chem)

Hi Guys,

I am thinking of going to law school at night to work on my JD.  My interest are in IP/Govt. Regulations.  I have a B.S. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Chemistry. 

For the last 4 years I have been working for a large pharma in NJ, looking at rules and regulations governing drug development.  Now I am planning to move to a smaller company close to Boston, and attend New England School of Law.

Do you know what my legal employment prospects will be like once I graduate?  I have no desire to work for a top notch law firm (or any law firm for that matter).  I am considering working for biotech companies in legal division.  With great law schools abound in the Boston area, how will I fare going to New England School of Law?  I am not looking to earn top $$$, but recive a fair compensation after I graduate.   I will be getting pretty well compensated + tuition reimbursements by going to school at night, so I will not be too much in debt.

Do you guys have any suggestion, opinions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.