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Republican and Democrats CAN unite over this Socialist bastard they call Obama

Ok, the subject is a little inflammatory...Obama is not actually a real socialist (while he does hold some quasi-socialistic ideas, and by some I mean a ton)...and I know he's not a bastard, i had the pleasure of sitting next to him and his family on a plane from chicago to maui back when he was running for senate. He's actually a very nice guy. While I was at first enraged by the Obama victory (as I am a STAUNCH libertarian, and McCain kinda fit my ideological preferences a bit better than Obama) for several reasons that I'm not gonna get into here (*cough cough* the media sucking his cock for the past two years *cough cough*). One thing that I read today by a very respected news source, the ABA Journal, talked about how the legal market and lawyers around the nation could greatly benefit from the Obama administration. I read the article, thought it made a lot of sense, and now hell even I am an Obama-rama supporter (kind of). I suggest republican law students and 0Ls read the article to quelm a little bit of your anger, and I suggest democrat law students and 0ls to read it to give you a little more ammo in support of your candidate (besides "he's the first bi-racial candidate to win, and CHANGE, and we hate George Bush" note I said bi-racial, everyone is saying he's black...if they can say he's black I can say he's white, he's 50/50, lets call him what he is "bi-racial")

Here's the link:

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at least we know how you choose between money and principle, however misguided.