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Question about prep course

Question about prep course
« on: November 02, 2008, 04:02:20 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I am sorta new here. I have been a member of this board for a few months and mostly lurk. But its crunch time now, and I plan to take the February LSAT. I've decided that I need a prep course since I am having a bit of trouble with the Logic Games in particular. I am usually pretty good with self study, but I work full time and I just dont have the time to sort it out the problems I am having my own with the exam being less than 3 months away.

There was poster who mentioned Testmasters over the Princeton Review. But that is all I could find with my limited searching capabilities & skimming. I also wanted to know particularly if the Testmasters full length course, (costing $1450) would be much more beneficial than the 16 hour weekend course ( costing $450) .  Funds are tight for me right now, but its my education you know, so I would do what I have to do.

My background/undergrad degree is in Engineering/Information Technology, but I my hope and dream is to practice law, and go to Howard Law after a 10 year hiatus from undergrad!!
I do feel I could get more money elsewhere, but I heard from from a someone that goes there that they have a top notch staff and that is very important to me.

Thanks to all in advance for your help and any advice!



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Re: Question about prep course
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2008, 04:08:14 PM »
Testmasters ( (note the "180") and Powerscore ( are supposed to be the best.  PR and Kaplan are generally considered second-rate in comparison to these two.  But I've known successful test takers from all of them.  I'd recommend doing the full-length certainly won't get everything you need from the weekend course.

As for Howard, see what LSAT you get and go from there.  There are lots of schools with "top-notch staff" (assuming that by "staff," you mean "faculty").