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hey everyone,

I'm currently a sophomore biology major at Mizzou and have recently taken an interest in SLU Law.  I was just wondering what you all think my odds of admission are with a 3.46 gpa and a 155 LSAT.

My extracurriculars/volunteer experiences are:
1. Master Treasurer of my Residence Hall
2. Volunteer Crisis Worker for the Mid-Missouri Crisis Line
3. "Homes for the Homeless" mission trip for my local church
4. MU Rifle/Pistol team
5. Some volunteer work at a St. Louis hospital

In addition I am aniticipating a couple of very nice letters of recommendation, so take that into account.

Any and all feedback would be nice!  Thanks!

I would say that your odds are poor.

The biggest soft factor you should be concerned about is if you are a member of a suspect class of persons (i.e. - racial minority, female, handicapped, or homosexual)- This gets you the most diversity points -

Also, a 155 LSAT will probably not get you in anywhere you'd want to go.

OP, ignore OldCraig.  People like him make this the board of misinformation.

First, do you intend to retake the LSAT?  Is that score your first attempt at the LSAT (i.e. without studying)?  If so, with a raise of 2 or 3 points, you'd seem to have a great shot at SLU. 

Your numbers are solid for SLU's part time program: 

According to lawschoolnumbers, several people with numbers similar to your's were accepted to SLU last cycle:   Some people received $ with numbers not much better than your's.  Best of luck!

Being a sophomore, I have plenty of time on my hands to retake the LSAT and possibly raise it a couple points. 

According to their official website, the middle 50% of accepted students had a gpa ranging from 3.24-3.79 and an LSAT from 154-159.  So I ask you, Craig, how are my numbers "poor?"

Thanks for the links, breadwinner, they definately give me something to reference in the future.  According to lawschoolnumbers, it appears that the only people who are rejected are those with a gpa below 3.2 and/or an LSAT below 154

No problem.  I know someone who got in to SLU last cycle with your numbers.  Your score is a great start.  If you can get it up to 159-162, you'll probably get some $ from a few schools.  Put together a nice application package, it's worth the time. 

My only word of advice/caution - look at the curve of any school, that offers you a scholarship.  Scholarships are contingent on you maintaining a certain GPA.  If you fall below that line, they usually take the scholarship away. 

Best of luck.


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