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Stanford personal statement - 2 pages?

Re: Stanford personal statement - 2 pages?
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What kinda font are you using that 2 double spaced pages is 500 words? 12 pt, TNR is like 750-800 words.

*yawn*  You are filling up my internet and wasting our nation's valuable resources by posting about fonts and sizes.  Heartbreaker, you are the reason why this country is in the midst of a severe energy crisis. 

You used 1.5 times as many words to complain about her post.  Who's the wastrel?  ::)

My response was only necessary due to her self-absorbed wasting of our valuable resources.  I am providing a service.  Your post, as well, serves very little purpose to the greater good.  So you and heartbreaker, when this is the United States of Saudi Arabia, you'll wish you weren't so ignorant of the way the world works.

bwa ha ha... now whose alt are you?  No real person could be so ridiculous.  ::)

I see that you prefer to fight logic with name calling and absurd accusations.  Anything to distract the public from your faults.  Sad.