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Re: Need some advice
« Reply #10 on: March 30, 2009, 06:24:56 PM »
The "minority"....maybe overall yes, but again if you research the area and choose a good one it won't necessarily be the minority (in the average understanding of the term). I honestly feel positive that 35-40% of my class will end up with very good jobs.

BIGLAW in NYC/CHI/LA/DC?? Hell no! But many/most of us in the south wouldn't want that anyways. Let me make 60-80% what you will (admittedly only as Top 25% in my class)in those towns and I'll buy a 5,000 square foot house on an acre for the price of your uptown loft...

...oh, and I will have paid probably less than a 3rd than most in tuition...

I'm with this guy. Saying that TTT and TTTT grads will not find a job as a blanket statement is just ridiculous. SO much depends on where you live or are willing to go to school.

I go to a TTT in a state where there are only two schools and mine is the slightly higher regarded of the two. We have one pretty big market with a handful of firms that pay well into the 6 figures for starting associates. We also have several decent sized markets that you can make good money in with a great quality of life and the states immediately bordering mine hire a lot of people from my schools during 2L summer.

If you are hell bent on being on a coast...maybe I would agree to an extent with the original argument. But those of us that aren't interested in that can do very well coming out of a state school with good grades. Even right now in this poo economy because our firms aren't the ones laying off hundreds of attys...

If you can do well enough on the LSAT to get into a TT I would encourage it. But if all you can muster is a TTT or TTTT, please think carefully before doing it. (You won't.)

BULLCRAP.  Any graduate from any school can get a job in law.  This LSAT is complete crap, and not every school relies on it so heavily.

I work at a law firm that hires interns out of Harvard and Yale and guess what?  All of them have sucked.  They all came to us with a sense of entitlement and they all cheated their way through their internships (by claiming graded credit when they didn't fulfill their obligations to the law firm).  I've witnessed a couple of them (from Yale) flunk the Massachusetts bar.

So scoring high on an LSAT and getting into a top tiered school doesn't mean the student's not an a-hole.  It just means the student's an a-hole with a sense of entitlement.

TTom, I highly encourage you to GO FOR IT.  Study up and take the test a third time in two years.  You seem like a thoughtful person who's discouraged, and don't let the negative blowhards on this site discourage you by saying you're not cut out for it.

If you want it badly enough, then you're cut out for it.  GO FOR IT.  All you really need to practice law is admission to a state bar.  Period.  Build your contacts now, do great in whatever school you attend (on whatever tier you can get into) and GO FOR IT.

I wish you all the best.  And to the blowhards who are negative, I wish all the worst.


My comment wasn't intended as a blanket statement. I know that many students who go to ttt and tttt schools will become very good lawyers and will have very good jobs. Those that end up with good jobs, however, are in the minority.

If anyone has to be a lawyer, then yes, go to any school you can get into. But please be fully aware of the economics involved. That's all I'm saying.


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Re: Need some advice
« Reply #11 on: March 30, 2009, 07:40:33 PM »
First, a higher ranked school makes it easier to get a job. period. That said, you can get a job from every school if you work at it, and not everyone at harvard gets the job they want, and failure is not automatic even at TTTT schools.

Regardless, no matter what school you WANT to go to, or whether you care about TTTT vs T14, a higher LSAT will get you more merit grants/aid, and in this economy saving money is important for everyone.

Re: Need some advice
« Reply #12 on: July 18, 2009, 09:14:54 AM »

Heres the deal, I took the LSAT twice now, in June and October.  I got a 148 in June and a 150 in October.  Now here i am.  I am quite discouraged and frustrated. but I dont want to give up.  That is unlike me.  I was averaging mid-150's leading up to the october test and i failed despite "improving" my score from June.

The question I have is...should I retake it...again? Will this look really bad to schools?  Or will it look as if I am persistent?  I really want to get in a aba approved school. But now I dont know if I can.  Someone please help me out.


A 150 will get you in at quite a few low ranked schools. IMO, however, they are not worth going to. Most people who go to TTT and TTTT schools have a very difficult time finding work. Added to that is the fact that the legal market is doing very poorly right now. Even students from T schools are having a hard time finding paying work.


This is really bad advice.  I actually registered simply because this post was so out of touch...  Folks, be careful form message board pundits who regurgitate bad info.  I've had many instances of tier 4 law school students excelling in the field.  In fact, my brother, an Albany alumnus was employed immediately upon graduation/ bar-passage.

The simple fact is, if you pass the bar, no matter what law school you went to, you have an excellent chance of employment. If the law is what you love, then go for it...  regardless of what "tier" you're in.