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OFFICIAL "OMG Should I Retake, Apply, or Give Up and Become a Fry Cook?" Thread


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do you have a history of bad test taking, or rather, were your SATs/ACTs much lower than what you achieved in university?

I'm already sending job applications off to McDonald's and Burger King. i just hope they don't ask about my LSAT score, 'cause if they find out, even THEY won't take me.

Excuse me while I go kill myself.
Nonsense. To me, the very fact that you walked in the door and sat through the test shows that you have more courage than most. The LSAT is a daunting test; don't let it get you down too much. Just take a break from it and come back to it in the future.


i do bad on standardized testing also. i dont know if i can prove it, as i got a 1220 on my SAT but have a 3.64 GPA currently. i dont know what was expected of me with a 1220.

if i dont do better on the the dec lsat, i honestly have no idea what i'll do. maybe i'll continue pursuing finance instead. i just dont know.


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I think one of the most helpful ways of dealing with a mark that is drastically lower than what you expected or was PTing at, is to step back and take a look at the situation as objectively as possible. Is this a major hiccup? Yes. But it doesn't make what you want impossible, just more complicated. It means the rest of your application has to be 2x as strong. Look for schools that look for more well rounded applicants. Try not to get too bombastic about the situation and recognize that it's truly a reflection of your intellectual or academic abilities.

I was practicing at a 167-176 range and I got a 160. I am pretty mortified, but I guess, with a 2.9 GPA, my only option is to retake in December and then try to apply after that.
How did you feel after taking the test? I am surprised you both did not cancel; LSAT test takers are usually clairvoyant enough to know how they did.

Once again, I think you should both retake, score within your usual range, and then explain to the ad coms that you just had a bad day in Oct. Good luck

Yeah I felt like i should cancel but the "what if" kept running through my mind.  Should have listened to me gut.  Shoulda is gonna be the word of te day for the next month.  I don't know if I am gonna take it again...

I too am pretty down. I was averaging 164  with a 160 being my lowest ever, and a 167 my highest. First time in June got a 161. Retook and now I have a 158. I feel like I screwed what chance I had... I'm not retaking, at this rate a 155 seems to be in my future.

ok i am totally undecided about retaking.

took in oct 07 and got 163

studied this WHOLE YEAR (formal class, every book on the market, 40pts,etc.) and my pts were around 171 or 2 consistently.

got my oct 08 score back........................ 164.  i'm totally in shock here.  i was guessing 168 at lowest because of that games section, but i felt great about the rest.  all my transcripts, recs, apps are in & ready to hit "submit," i was just waiting for the score.  but now i'm wondering whether i need to rekate?!

i reaaaaaaaaaaaallly don't wanna, but i will if that's what i should do, which i kinda think i should.  i have strong softs (grad school, we, lots of orgs/leadership, etc.) and an alright ugpa (3.77).  my #1 would def be georgetown.

what do y'all think???????  i'm on the fence but leaning toward retaking.

what do y'all think?  i'm on the fence but leaning toward retaking.

I'd need to know your score breakdown before I make a call on that one...But my first inclination is to say "keep it."

I just got my score and I'm horrified. 158, there it is. I'd been practicing at 165. The funny thing is, I did well on every section accept the RC. Here's the breakdown: LR1=21/25, RC=14/27, AR=21/23(best performance on Logic Games?!?!), LR2=19/25. Wow. I really screwed up the RC. I've never done that bad on a practice test, so I guess test conditions got the best of me on that one section.

Obviously planning a December retake; fortunately I've been doing logic games for fun the past 3 weeks!


I was practicing at a 167-176 range and I got a 160. I am pretty mortified, but I guess, with a 2.9 GPA, my only option is to retake in December and then try to apply after that.

I was practicing at 170-180 and got a 166; it made me feel like crap.  I'm still in a bit of denial.  Did normally on the two LRs; in the LG, I made two very stupid careless mistakes in the first game - the last game which I spent the most time on, I was surprisingly accurate. 

The RC killed this for me, and was worse for other ppl:

I could deal w/ my 5 combined LR errors and 2 LG mishaps, but the RC totally brutalized me, I missed 7.  I haven't missed so many RC since my first diagnostics.

I plan to apply to a few reach-ish schools.  Plan B is to retake again 10/09 while maintaining an impeccable GPA.  I really want to get into a T14.

No matter what your range, it's such BS when you don't score within your practice band.  It cant ALL be due to nerves, can it?  I think the RC was killer this time, plus the 9 scale

Do you think schools would factor in something "10/08 was a tough one"?

It's been a long rollercoaster ride, and I'm now trying to clean up the pieces after the crash.

I scored a 167, after practicing with an average of 173 (peaked at 180).  :-[

This is my first time writing the test. My GPA is a 3.75, should I retake in December for the T-14 or should I apply as is? I feel like I am extremely borderline with both the GPA and LSAT, so I'm not sure what to do.

you and I are in the same boat Alford, I was practicing from 170-180 in my last 10 PTs

I got a 166.  My plan A is to apply to some T14s as is, my GPA is 3.8.  If that doesn't work out, I will wait for the next Oct exam.  I feel that if I put in more effort, I could have done much better.

May have gotten complacent after the PTs - and I never invested due time into practicing reading comp. 

this has been such a downer on this weekend