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My PS is 800 words, school wants no more than 350, how frowned upon would it be

to send them 800?

If I had to guess, probably a lot.

How the hell do you write a PS in 350 words??

I talked to my prelaw advisor about that question.  If they ask for 5 hundo and you give like 570 (me) its not a big deal, they have so much to read they arent going to get picky.  However if you more than double what they ask for (which will stand out markedly against all the other ps') they'll assume you are either lazy or dont care about their school as its obvious you want to reuse your ps.

I was wondering about this same thing. I haven't disregarded the limit as much but i'm worried.  George Mason said that its not a big deal to go over a little bit (like 550-650) but you can't have 1,000 words.  I am also applying to Irvine who says in the instructions not to go over the limit because they will not read past 500.  I tried to change my PS for these two schools and I'm down to 744 with little room to remove much else.  This may not be a problem for GMU but I'm worried about submitting it to Irvine.  My "Why Irvine" essay is about 530 words.  They better take it because I'm not searching for 30 words to remove.  :-\

You don't want to send them 800 words for a 350- it basically says to them "I don't read directions" or "I chose to not follow rules."  Not the best first impression  :-\