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Rescinding Offers

Re: Rescinding Offers
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So I guess that means most attorneys do not work in fields that TheDudeMan would consider lucrative.

This would be true.

Re: Rescinding Offers
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I wouldn't say disagree, but the statement is overly narrow. Outside of BIGLAW, not many attorneys are making 160K out of law school, regardless of practice area.

5-10 years out, I don't know how criminal defense attorney do in aggregate, by market, compared to the other proactice areas (or even how to classify them, since many do more than just criminal defense).

Re: Rescinding Offers
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I think in most cases having more second year summer associates in your program than the total of offers you most likely want to make is not good except if they firm want to truely tryout people out and see if they are worthy of a first year associates position.

Re: Rescinding Offers
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If an offer you had planned on accepting gets rescinded, I would file suit under the theory of promissory estoppel. That'd learn 'em. What's the benefit worth of having a 45 day window to accept an offer?