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Need Advice on Adjusting

Re: Need Advice on Adjusting
« Reply #10 on: October 14, 2008, 11:05:08 AM »
As a 2L from your school, I feel like you should know that I was completely and totally miserable last year, too. Didn't know the city, the school, the other students (very well), Buffalo weather, 1L classes, etc. It gets better. I'm working much harder now than last year, so you'd think it would be more overwhelming but actually I'm happier (even though I'm still not a huge fan of Buffalo and don't plan to stay).

The biggest change I made to make myself adjust was that even if I was feeling miserable, I'd force myself to go out and do something, anything where I would have a chance to see and talk to other people (usually law students) and make friends. If what you're really missing is your support network of friends and family, this could make a big difference for you. Club meetings, information sessions, whatever -- just get out and talk to people, and eventually it will start to come together.

If you'd like any more Buffalo or UB Law specific information, let me know -- I'm happy to help.


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Re: Need Advice on Adjusting
« Reply #11 on: October 15, 2008, 07:44:17 PM »
I just wanted to say that I went through this too....I also didn't do a great job of keeping in touch with people from home, and felt abandoned b/c they weren't rushing to call/write.

Make sure that you inviting friends and family from home to call or write frequently.  Set aside a specific time for it. You will see that your law school experience is new and exciting and stuff back home is the "same old, same old" which really helped put stuff into perspective. 

Good luck to you!