Law School Discussion

How old can LSDAS info be? How long will they hold it? Please advise.

This is a little long, but I have a lot of questions and would appreciate some info.

I'll be graduating from college in 2011 (I
ll be 27) and then I will be having kids with my husband who is in the Navy. He's reenlisting for another 4 years in 2010, so when our kids are 4 and 2 or something, we'll be considering getting out of the Navy so I can pursue my upper level degree. I wanted to be with my kids for awhile when they are little and then when at least one of them is ready for pre-school, go get my advanced degree. My hubby also will have enough time to get HIS degrees while in the Navy if we do it this way.

My question is...
If I prepare everything and send it all to LSDAS when I graduate (including letters of recommendation),,, can I wait 3 years to use it to apply to law school or will that look bad?

My main concern is that after three or four years as a stay at home mom, I won't be able to get good letters of recommendation and my professors from 3-4 years ago won't be able to remember me and my hard work.

Does the LSAT score ever really expire?? It shouldn't because it's based on skills inherent in an individual, not memorized info like the MCAT or something.

Also.. If I do it right out of school, I will know very early what schools are likely to accept me when I'm ready to apply.

I'll be 30 or 31 when I'm applying to law school....

Another thing is..

I am interested in BioChemistry because it's challenging for me.. So I am majoring in that.. but I may get a lower GPA than if I had done something easy.

Do you think it would help on my essays and stuff to mention that I like a challenge and am interested in everything, so that's why I chose to be challenged throughout undergrad?

I cried to my counselor in frustration when I was in humanities classes because I was so bored and did not feel stimulated intellectually. Some people are better in Science and Math than Writing, etc. By being in Biochem, I am pretty much learning in an area that's tough for me.

Also.. I took the practice LSAT for fun online and gt a 156. I'm going to take a "real" practice test proctored on the 18th to see what my score would be if I tried hard.