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im confused about early decisions

Re: im confused about early decisions
« Reply #10 on: October 09, 2008, 12:13:07 PM »
If you are interested in a school, they will likely have an explanation regarding their early action/decision procedure. It's not necessarily the same across the boards (as some are binding and others are not). My suggestion is to get a list of the schools you're interested in and check up their ED policies.

Some schools guarantee grants if you are accepted ED (I believe GW is one, but I could be wrong). So, just be certain you know the specifics about the schools YOU are applying to.

Right, re: funding--certainly check individual policy, but as a rule if you apply ED you sacrifice the chance at merit aid, but not need-based aid.

Re: im confused about early decisions
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It's true, tempers get shorter as the season progresses...

In defense of PSU and Non Parata:

Rule of thumb for would-be thread-starters who are NOT interested in receiving a boat-load of sarcasm in response: do some of your own research first. The information really is out there to be found; it's not even that hard to find. Most schools are in the business of making sure you can access the information you need. No one's hiding the ball.

And every single school, if they offer any early action option at all, will very clearly notify you of their policy on the application. You don't need a reference guide.

I just think ED is really confusing to some because Undergrad it usually means a binding agreement. All of the schools I have been wanting to apply to (Texas, Baylor, SMU, Houston) early decision is NOT binding but they call it early decision as opposed to early action. At SMU the information was no where to be found on their website as to whether or not ED was binding or not so I had to e-mail their admissions to make sure. I know I googled it like our sarcastic friend mentioned but still couldn't find it.

Re: im confused about early decisions
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Is SMU's ED binding or not?

Re: im confused about early decisions
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SMU's ED is not binding just a way to insure you get a response by January 31st I believe. You will either get admitted, rejected or placed with the regular applications which are due by February 15th.