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rock bottom to what? insight sought

rock bottom to what? insight sought
« on: October 08, 2008, 05:09:07 PM »

i am at the relatively extremely new law school, Elon University.  needless to say, there is no reputation as there won't be a graduating class for another year.

i have a 3.1 gpa, putting me at the top 20-25%.  i have already passed the patent bar.

i am just looking for some thoughts about my transfer potential.  first, do i have a shot at a place like DePaul or Kent?  second, do i have a shot at a place like John Marshall Chicago or Stetson?  third, would it be worrth it to go to John Marshall Chicago?  does the Duderino have a shot in hell with anything?

thank you for your time.  please ereply.

Re: rock bottom to what? insight sought
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2008, 08:21:59 PM »
where's your gpa from?

Are you a 2L? 

If so, transferring probably would be difficult.  Not impossible, I think a few schools may take 3Ls..none that I can name though

Re: rock bottom to what? insight sought
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The poster above is correct: if you are currently a 2L, most schools do not accept transfers for the 3L final year. Some do offer a visiting student status for 3d year. If any of the schools you are interested offer this, it might be a good option. You will still graduate with your Elon degree.

That being said, you may want to try a slightly alternative route to getting a job...

You already have a registration number, this can make you valuable on its own. You can use this as a backdoor way to an associate position. I know some firms let you work as a patent agent your 3L year, then hire you on as an associate once you pass the bar, paying you as a 2d year associate.

The only problem is that I assume you want to be in Chicago, and I guess Elon's law school is in NC? If that is a route you want to take then it makes more sense to try and finish your last year of school where you want to end up, if you can.

Re: rock bottom to what? insight sought
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sorry, i should have clarified that i am in the second semester of my FIRST year.

hopefully this might change my prospects?  you think?

really, i'll work anywhere.  chicago would be #1, but location isn't the most important thing. 

the most important thing is putting myself in the best possible position for success.