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Two questions....

Two questions....
« on: October 07, 2008, 07:31:28 PM »
1. What kind of info should I give to the people I am asking to write LOR's for me? Transcripts, cover letter, resume...anything else?

2. Does anyone have any advice on how I could approach a professor who I have not spoken too in 6 months, who would not be expecting a request form me to write a letter? I doubt he even knows my name (this is my fault, obviously, but this is the best I can do for a LOR). Should I email him and ask to attend his office hours to discuss a LOR? Or what?

Thanks for any advice, much appreciated.

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1.  Give them whatever they ask for.  You can provide a resume or just tell them about yourself.  Maybe ask them to keep certain things in mind as they write.

2.  Most professors are used to random students they had in their class from years ago come up to them and ask for LORs.  I suggest sending them an email saying basically, "Hey, I took X class during X semester.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and did reasonably well.  I was wondering if I could set-up a time to meet with you and discuss, possibly, if you could write me a LOR for my law school applications."

Most professors are obliging, but try to get them to set-up a meet.  Don't do this over email.  It tends to get lost in the other stuff they have to do.

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Re: Two questions....
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I definitely suggest meeting the second professor in person (either after the e-mail or just ask in person). Sometimes you don't think a teacher remembers you (and they might not remember your name), but they will more than likely remember your face.

Also, if you want to get across anything in particular, meeting in person is always best.

I'm actually driving back to my alma mater on Monday to talk to my two recs!

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Send them your Resume along with the courses you have taken with them and the grades recieved. Also, if you wrote a really good research paper include that with it. Furthermore, if appropriate send a copy of your PS