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Are these good people to ask for letters? I could really use some advice...!

I know I am late, but I am preparing to ask for my LOR this week. Are the following two people appropriate to ask for letters? I know you are supposed to ask for Prof. you have taken a class from, but these are the best I think I can do. Will this work?

1. A professor at my university. I have never taken a class from him, but I am currently his research assistant (he knows I do good work). I have known him for over a year though, as I am the editor of an international affairs journal and have been in contact with him over the past year regarding my publication. I have worked with him to set up interviews for my journal with various visiting professors in his department (which is Dutch Studies). So he is marginally acquainted with my academic work (via the work I have done for him as an RA), and knows me as an effective editor.

2. My supervisor from an internship I did with the City of Berkeley. I did this for basically all of 2007 (11 months). Her title is "assistant to the city manager." While I was there, I did a lot of work on a tangible written project that was over 70 pages long. The bad part is that this was a year ago, I do not know her that well, and she is not aware of my academic abilities at all.

My letters of rec will not be great, but my question is, will they be adequate? Are these people good enough to ask for letters, and will T14 schools, assuming I have the right GPA and LSAT, accept these letters as at least adequate (assuming they are decent)?

Do I need professors? Sadly, these are prob the best I can do right now. Will it be enough?

Any advice will be much appreciated.


If you are still in college, you will need two academic letters. There has to be another professor (or even teaching assistant) who you can ask. If they do not know you very well, give them a packet with your resume, your list of schools, transcript and a cover letter explaining why you want to go to law school.

Every T-14 rep I've spoken to at events and info sessions has stressed that if an applicant is still in school (or 1yr out), they strongly recommend two academic letters.

First of all, heartbreaker, thanks so much for being helpful on this thread, and my other one. I am starting to freak out a little bit now as I am way behind, and I really appreciate your help.

Secondly, I am still in college. I have developed almost no personal relationships with a proffesor, or with any TA's that are still around, so I am kind of screwed (my fault...). There is one prof who I do know, and who I know likes me - but I have not spoken to him in a semester, and if I ask him for a LOR, it will be way out of the blue. Should I just email him and ask to see him during his office hours or something? Should I let him know I want to request a LOR from him? Any tips on requesting a LOR from someone who would never expect to be asked? Thanks.