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Any Current Law Student Takers?

Any Current Law Student Takers?
« on: October 07, 2008, 01:18:19 PM »

I have been reading these boards for awhile.  I just recently sat for the LSAT and am now impatiently waiting to see how terrible I did  :-\

Anyway, in the mean time I'm taking another look at my personal statement (which reads like a diversity statement).  I have been writing it for several months.  I submitted it to For People Of Color who does free reviews of minority applicants admission materials.  They made some pretty good suggestions but overall said that I had a great statement.  I think I may have edited the essay to their liking but unfortunately I can't resubmit (one time deal).  I know you guys are mostly Harvard, Yale, and other T-14 students who will probably rip it to shreds, but if any current minority students are willing to give it a once (or twice) over, I'd greatly appreciate it.