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Hello everyone,

I'm History/Pre-Law & Spanish major who is very interested in going to Stetson, my UGPA is 3.30 and my LSAT score that I took in June was a mere 149, so first of all what are my chances of getting into this school with those grades. Also I have already registered to take them again this fall, on October 4th, so I was wondering if Steton takes your highest LSAT score or averages them out?

This will be completetly blunt/to the point:

1) Your odds are terrible
2) Don't go to Stetson unless you can afford to dole out a huge tuition price w/o any promise of a pay-off
3) Take an LSAT course and work your tail off before you take it again
4) Even if you get a 155 and get into Stetson, DONT DO IT. Strive for a 160+ so you can have a shot at Florida

ok well you didn't really answer my question, do they average the lsat scores or take the highest one? And I think I want to go there if I get in

Changed Name:
I don't mean to be a jack-ass or anything, but part (maybe a "huge part") of the profession you want to go into will require doing dense amounts of research.

Granted, the question you ask isn't even that "dense."

I'm not going to answer it, but I will help you along the way.

If you have a question about LSAT scores and taking multiple times, you can do many things, here are a few suggestions.

(1)  Do a google search and type in something to the effect of "multiple LSAT scores."

-- See what pops up.  You may find a general rule regarding multiple LSAT scores.  However, this doesn't mean you're done.  You had a school-specific question.  Do this:

(2)  Go to the school's website and check THEIR policy on multiple LSAT scores.

Now, I know that you could just do step (2) and find your answer, but I think knowing the general rule will serve you well also.

Good luck, dude.

Don't worry, Josh... we aren't all assholes on this board. How are you doing for the Oct test?


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