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THE RULES - Read before posting. THIS MEANS YOU!!! (Updated 04/26/11)


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In an effort to consolidate the stickies, I'm putting everything rule-related into one thread.

In this thread:
Tutoring Ads
PrepTest Questions
Unreleased LSAT Content (post-mortem)
Answer Keys
Frequently Asked Questions

Tutoring Ads
So you're a tutor.  Welcome!  Come here and show off your skills by helping our users with their LSAT questions or posting quality content on things people can do to improve.  You can even put a link in your signature to your web page (something that other LSAT board won't let you do!)  BUT please remember THIS IS NOT CRAIGSLIST.  Posts which are nothing but ads will be deleted, you will be scolded for spamming, you will be reviled by your peers, and you will probably be banned from the site for several days. (So just don't do it.) 

PrepTest Questions
Please do not post LSAT questions, LSAT answers or copyrighted materials.  You may indicate the question number (e.g. PT45,S2,Q12) and a brief description of the problem (e.g. I can't understand why it's necessary to know that spider-monkeys are also susceptible to male-pattern baldness), but you may not reproduce the question in its entirety.  If in doubt, do not post.

Unreleased LSAT Content (post-mortem)
Do not post information about unreleased LSATs.  This means no attempting to reconstruct the test, no discussing specific questions, etc.  More here.

Answer Keys
Do not ask for PrepTest answer keys.  The official PrepTests come with answer keys--if yours didn't, it's more than likely pirated.  Be a good citizen and buy the tests.

Frequently Asked Questions
One of the big problems on message boards in general is the tendency of new users to post questions that have been repeatedly addressed.  Some of those I've tried to address in the FAQ thread.  Although we don't have a useful search button on this forum, please scan through at least the first few pages of posts to see if your question has been addressed.  If there is already a thread on that topic, but you have more to ask/contribute, it is good netiquette to reply to that thread rather than creating a whole new post.

This is a No-Shill-Zone. 
Shill accounts threaten the integrity of this forum by lying to users in hopes of convincing them to purchase their product.  This hurts both students, who have a more difficult time making informed decisions, and companies, whose integrity is called into question if/when an overzealous marketing person gets caught posing as a student.  A lose-lose IMHO.

I also have the job of ensuring that actual students have the ability to share their experiences with other users, so I can't simply ban every user who talks about his/her experience with a specific curriculum/book/DVD/whatever.

So, here are the new laws of the land:

You may...

...make an honest post about your experiences with a product/service/company.
...make a recommendation in response to a question.
...put a link in your signature (Let's not go crazy with the font size, eh?). a company employee/representative, clarify/correct (mis)information about your product/service/company.

You may not...

...use multiple accounts to post about experiences with a product/service/company.
...create an excessive number (or percentage) of posts regarding one particular product/service/company. about a particular product/service/company in unrelated threads.
...make a post that is nothing but an advertisement.

Ads will be deleted.
Shilling will result in a 48-hour ban (permaban for repeat offenders).
Additional shill accounts will be banned permanently.

I will do my best to differentiate between shill accounts and actual testimonials.  That being said, the more actual LSAT-related content you post (i.e. the more you participate by helping users with their questions), the less likely you are to be singled out as a corporate shill.

Spammers (users who register to post nothing or almost nothing but ads) will be banned permanently.