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Hello All,

I already attended law school for one semester in the fall of 2005.  I did well, but decided to leave after one semester for various reasons and always left the option open for returning. I am reapplying for fall 2009 and am starting my personal statement. The plan was to address this previous matriculation in the statement and partially build it around this issue, but I wonder if anything thinks it would be more appropriate to address it in an addendum? 

Re: Addendum?
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I think it would be better in an addendum...use your PS to tell a better story about yourself.


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Re: Addendum?
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addendum, absolutely--esp. since there is a significant time gap. Your PS should ideally be about something awesome you've done more recently/are doing right now. You want them to like you--so when they get to your addendum, they're primed to think "hey, no big deal!"