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Is BYU really better than Yeshiva?


clintsito: just posted an interesting artcile comparing BYU's J. Reuben Clark law school to Yeshiva's Benjamin Cardozo. Are Mormons just becoming that much more prevalant in the legal community?

Quote from the site:

--- Quote --- The number of Mormon law students in school far outweighs the number of Jews in law school.
--- End quote ---

I certainly don't feel like doing the research but I am pretty sure that is empirically false.

I think when you see how many Mormons there are in just the 54 Law Schools taken into consideration for the Top Ten most 'Mormon Friendly' schools you will be shocked at how many Mormons there are (next year's list will be published April 6th). If anybody out there does have emprical evidence of how many Jews there are in Law Schools around the country I'd love to know.


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