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Author Topic: Concord Law Grad Sues to take MA Bar Exam  (Read 513 times)


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Concord Law Grad Sues to take MA Bar Exam
« on: September 11, 2008, 05:30:24 PM »
Oral argument video:

How will they rule?  I think facial challenge to the rule was the wrong way to go, in this situation I would have stood up and argued that I was educated as well as an ABA grad (point to the transcript and so on).

But he might make it.  The SJC has previously ordered that a Nigerian law graduate be permitted to take the exam after getting a US LLM (bar board had rejected him for the exam and wanted him to get a JD). 

Also it looks like MA may be in a bit of a bind because they direct by statute that their two unaccredited schools must be permitted to take the MA bar (equal protection problem?).
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