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How often do Tier 4 lawstudents land 2L summer associate gigs?

Re: How often do Tier 4 lawstudents land 2L summer associate gigs?
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Small and medium firms often have summer associate positions, but they aren't able to float 10 summers knowing only 3 will come back.  They need to be 100% sold on your interest in the firm.  Also, some small firms only have half-summer programs.  I've found that firms in the 40-150 range in secondary markets pay anywhere between $1350-2500/wk.  Most have tended to cluster in the $1600-1900/wk range for summers. 

Those are generally on their website.  Westlaw has a colleciton of those, your school should have a database of everywhere that people have summered before, and send cold e-mails with targeted cover letters and resumes attached.  Keep a good database of your e-mails sent out and when you sent them.  Follow up by telephone two weeks later. After that, follow-up again 1 week later. 

If you're looking for a job somewhere that is not in the geographic area of your law school, get a 0% APR credit card.  Plan a trip to wherever it is that you want jobs in October (over the weekdays) and put in your cover letter the dates that you'll be in the area.  Small and midsize firms will appreciate your commitment to the geographic area and are more likely to take a chance on you when they don't have to pay for your callback.

In this market, you should send literally hundred(s) of targeted emails. 

When many top 14 kids are worried, you know you're going to have to work a hell of a lot harder and the competition for midsize is going to be fierce. 

Great advice, Thanks!

I will begin a heavy session of applications to small and mid size firms in my area next week with targeted cover letters.

My school is located in the exact region I would like to work.

Yeah, you are not kidding in this economy, even the top students are having trouble landing SA gigs. *Sigh* I wish I was a law student in late 70's early 80's, but alas, I was a mere fetus.