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What do you guys think of my list of Recommenders

1. My Pre-Law Advisor/Past Professor for Logic
2. Chief Assistant Prosecutor whom i Intern for
3. Vice President of the hospital that i have worked at for a year and a half

I'm a college senior so I kind of worry that they may want another professor that I have had for a letter if so I have a professor who has his J.D. and I get along well with (not that I dont think any of the people listed above could not write a stellar letter for me) I have taken two classes with him. Do you think my list is good as it is, or should i take off one (if so which) and replace him with another professor? Thanks for your input :)

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I think you need another one from your professor.  Law schools want recommendations to evaluate your academic ability, and that's why emphasis is put on professor recommendations.  You should definitely ask your professor.  Also, they don't care about the "status" of your recommenders.  It looks like you're trying to choose recommenders that look good, instead of picking ones that will make you look good.  Not that the prosector (did you mean prosecutor?) and VP of the hospital won't give you good recommendations, but I think you might be assuming that having "better" people write your recommendation will mean a better recommendation in the eyes of a law school, and this isn't necessarily true.  Thus- ask another professor.  If you have a professor that you have a better relationship with, pick him/her over the one with the JD.  

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Haha I agree with your posts too...I think we were typing at the same time and yours came out before me :D

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alright, thanks guys. So do you think i should remove both the prosecuting attorney and the VP and replace them both with professors than, or just one of them?

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Eh, I think that's kind of your discretion.  If you have 3 professors that know you as well as or better than both of your bosses, I would go with both all professors.  If you think one of your bosses would be able to evaluate you better than one of your professors, I think it would be ok to have one professional rec.

That being said, I'll be working full time for 2 years by the time I go to law school, and I had the option of writing my own professional recommendation and talk myself up as much as I want and my boss will sign off on it.  I chose 3 academic recommendations.