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Diversity Statement, When to write?

Diversity Statement, When to write?
« on: August 30, 2008, 06:53:20 PM »
I'm looking for some advice regarding whether or not I should include a statement on how I believe I could contibute to the diversity of a school. 

Most prompts mention being a members of racial, ethnic, religious, etc. minorities, but also leave the question pretty open to other things as well.  While included in none of these groups (I'm a white female from Long Island.....) I am the first in my immediate family to attend a four year college, let alone seek admission to graduate school.  I cannot, however, even begin to claim that I had an adverse childhood, or anything of the sort, as I have attended both a private HS and private college.  That being said, however, enabling me to do so has been a big sacrifice on my parents' part that has profoundly influcenced the person I have become.  I'm torn as to whether or not I should include a response to the diversity statement Q because I don't want to seem like a whiner who thinks something is a big deal which really isn't, but I don't want to miss a chance to give the adcomms more information about what makes me unique.  I've also considered mentioning this in my personal statement and not writing anything for the diversity statement, but there's more to talk about and only so much you can say in 500 words, and I also don't want to come across as being too lazy to write another essay. 

Anyone have advice, or any one in a similar situation that has reached a decsion about what they plan to do?


Re: Diversity Statement, When to write?
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2008, 05:10:38 PM »
You should definitely include a diversity essay...It's giving you 1-2 more pages to tell the adcomms more about you.  I'm somewhat similar to you, white female, 1st to attend college.  I included that along with some stuff about my ethnicity and background.

Here's a link for some ideas: