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Author Topic: native american (first nation) seeking advice from other natives for admission  (Read 1787 times)


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I look native but I dont possess a card. My mother was adopted by white people and she doesnt have a card either.
My question is whether I can apply to Canadian or American law schools as a native american?

To tell you a little about myself, I have 3.3 GPA and 160 on the LSAT. Let me just say my family is really really ghetto and if saying I'm native helps me get a career Im down with that. I personally believe AA is wrong but my situation is desperate and I need to get a career. I'm 25 and unemployed and my undergrad degree isnt fetching me any jobs either.

Is having a card necessary to apply as a native american for US and Canadian schools? I look native isn't that enough?

any advice is appreciated, thanks


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I don't know about Canadian schools, but if you identify as AI/FN, you can certainly apply to US schools as AI/FN.  Most applications will ask your tribe/nation (I assume you know that) and some, your enrollment status.  For those that ask enrollment status, you should write a short addendum and explain your situation.  Most law school understand that status in North America is very complicated - being honest and upfront is the best policy.

If you belong to a Jay Treaty tribe, you may be able to get a US CDIB card, with proper documentation.  It won't help or hurt your application, but may help you in other situations, should you attend a US law school and remain in the US.
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I am in the same situation as far as tribal enrollment. I am 1/4 AI but my mother was adopted and has tried (unsuccessfully) to find out details of our heritage. I have no idea how much of a boost I will get but I identify as AI and I will write a diversity statement.  Other than that there is not much else one can do.

Also, frybread's addendum advice is spot on.