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Another Tier 3/4 question

Re: Another Tier 3/4 question
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The conference had representatives from Corp Fin and Enforcement. The Enforcement update was far more interesting... it's always nice to hear what the government is doing to ruin lives.

Re: Another Tier 3/4 question
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I go to a tier one school in the 40s...  ;)

It's not nearly as common as you think.

The key word is, you go there, probably still a naive 1L or 2L. Come back in two years and report to us how your classmates are doing.

I've spoken with  ~50 recent graduates (only a few were on law review).  Each one of them is gainfully employed.

My grades are pretty poor, I have a job.

I can't fathom how T1-T3 law grads cannot find jobs (T4, I sort of understand, since most of those schools have pretty low standards). Maybe it's true, and I'll only know the truth of the matter after my first year of law school. Yet, I am skeptical of the doom and gloom spouted on this site. If these so-called job seekers are striking out by blast faxing resumes or relying on OCI, then I understand. However, if those who can't find jobs are networking their @sses off and still striking out, that is a different matter. The latter is unbelievable and entirely inconceivable to me. I found my current job while in school by networking with professors who put me in contact with my current boss. Maybe the legal profession has different hiring practices... I can't say for certain.

Maybe it's just supply and demand at work. However, I don't here this sentiment from the grads that I know personally. How come the only place I hear this crap is on LSD? Hence, my skepticism.

Matthies knows his $hit when it comes to marketing and networking with professionals. If someone employed even a fraction of his tactics, I can't imagine that they would not find a decent job despite choice of school or grades.