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waitlisted for test in October

waitlisted for test in October
« on: August 17, 2008, 02:10:26 AM »
So I was waitlisted for test in October today >:(. A bit late to register, I know, but still, I am within the deadlines. I wanted to pickup the center withing two-hours driving range, all of them were unavailable. I know the exact location where I want to take the test, I mean it's preferable. I just do not want to be sent to Montana test center from CA. How are waitlisted students being informed of opened seats? Does LSAC guarantee, that a seat, any seat, will be found before the test day? Anyone, who had the same situation, what was your experience with LSAC?  ???
If I asked the same q, that's been asked before on the board, I am really sorry. I checked 15 first pages, couldn't find any similar to my topic.

Re: waitlisted for test in October
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2008, 12:26:22 AM »
I wouldn't stress to much about it right now. I'm sure you'll get a test center within the 2 hrs driving range. For the June test, I signed up in late March/early April and got waitlisted. I couldn't find a test center available with 5 hrs of Washington, DC. I was totally freaking out. Checking possibilities of flying home to my parents house to take the test, but the centers their were filled too. I started checking all the major cities in the US where I knew someone who lived there and still nothing. I was panicked.

So I called LSAC and asked about it and they assured me that since I got in before the deadlines, I'd be guaranteed a spot, but they only open test centers as demand calls for them. I was on the waitlist until about 3 weeks before the test when I was told I got the DC convention center location...and whole 4 blocks from my apartment.

I'm sure its similar for you situation as well, but if you want to ease your mind, call LSAC and confirm.

Re: waitlisted for test in October
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2008, 06:28:51 PM »
I was waitlisted for October as well and I got a response about two weeks later. I got placed about 45minutes away from my house which isn't too bad. They told me that they will add seats or open another test center if they have a large amount of people they have to try to accomodate. I wouldn't worry!

Good Luck!