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Took a summer course through degree-granting institution, attendance years?

I took a summer course after I graduated and received my diploma to additionally prepare me for the dual-degree program I'm applying to, and the summer course will show up on my undergraduate transcript.

Do I say that I attended the institution for my undergraduate work through June 08, when I graduated, or through August 08, when I finished the summer course?

Thoughts? Thanks!

Have you looked at your official transcript?  The date of graduation is usually on there, so if the course was taken after that date, it will not count in your LSDAS GPA.  If your grad date was June, then technically, you attended UG until June 2008 and then you have one course that counts as Graduate level for LSDAS' purpose.

Yup, that's what I thought, but then I called my registrar to confirm and the person on the other line said that the summer course WOULD be included in my final undergraduate GPA and on my undergraduate transcript, not on a separate transcript/GPA like I had previously thought.

So, does this change my attendance dates?