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At the risk of sounding harsh, not writing a cover letter for a firm I think conveys that you didn't care enough to research their firm or take 15 minutes to write a simple letter.  I think it would seem like you just blindly sent your resume out to any and all firms, as opposed to being actually interested in that particular firm.  Unless you are at the very top of the class, I think you do yourself a big disservice by not writing cover letters.  These employers sift thru thousands of resumes - you need to give them a reason to take note of you that is more than just a GPA number, and a cover letter is pretty much your only opportunity to do that.   

I totally agree and am kicking myself for not writing the letters now.  I read the "cover letters optional" as actually optional, as opposed to strongly encouraged because my previous school did not use cover letters for OCI and I was used to that system where it was more of a numbers game.  Either way, it was stupid of me not to take the time to write cover letters for each of my bids and I will be paying for it with all the extra time I will be spending on direct-writes now.  Do you know if it is discouraged to direct write firms that did not select you through OCI? 

Re: GW OCI Results
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Direct writes are definitely encouraged, especially if your OCI returns were weaker than what you hoped for.  I specifically asked a GW counselor about that.  I had been sending out my own direct writes before we even got the OCI results, and she told me that was ok, but maybe a little aggressive, and that I should wait to get the OCI results.  But she said if those results were weak, then direct writes is definitely the way to go and to try to get an interview for late august/early september.  I've heard back already from some of the direct writes I sent out - mixed results.  Some have wanted to set up interviews, some have said they have no room, and some said they only do recruiting thru OCI programs at schools.  I suppose though that if I was a Yale student and had sent a direct write, those standards might be different.