Law School Discussion

Where can I find commercial outlines specifically for the following books?

I know that I shouldn't put too much stock in the commercial outlines. I will try to get some outlines from second- and third-year students who have previously classes for which I am trying to secure outlines. However, I don't see where it could hurt to have them.

1. Cases and Materials on The Law of Torts
Fourth Edition
George C. Christie
American Casdebook Series
Thomson West publishing
ISBN: 0-314-25958-9

2. Criminal Law: Cases and Materials
Sixth Edition
John Kaplan
Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-7355-6835-8

3. Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials
Ninth Edition
Jack H. Friedenthal
American Casebook Series
Thomson West publishing
ISBN: 0-314-15231-8

4. Making and Doing Deals: Contracts in Context
Second Edition
David G. Epstein
ISBN: 0-8205-7044-3

5. Contract Law and Theory
Selected Provisions: Restatements of Contracts and Uniform Commerical Code
Fourth Edition
Robert E. Scott
ISBN: 1-4224-1169-9