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Here's a few questions:

1.  How stringent is the "1 year of practice" requirement for entering attorneys.  I note that the IRS and other agencies have an honors program that hires 3Ls, but if one has already graduated, I presume he/she does not qualify.  The only other option seems to be the "experienced attorneys" route, which asks for at least one year of prior licensed practice.  Is that an ironclad requirement? 

2.  How does veteran's preference play out.  I understand the concept, but in practice, how does it really affect one's candidacy for attorney positions?  Does it really have an impact? 

3.  I've often wondered if school has any impact whatsoever for government positions.  I always note that the postings are looking for "top 20%," e.g.  Does a person going to a T4 who is at the 20th percentile really have a better chance at getting hired than someone outside of the 20th percentile from an upper T1 school?  Just wondering. 

I have a question for you:

If the particular regional office I'd like to work for does not have any openings right now, do you suggest I still apply for this round of OCI?  I'm about to be a 3L.  Are applications kept on file for later offers, in case something opens up during the year, or will I need to reapply anyway? 



If I'm applying as a 3L for the honors program, will working for firms the past two summers look bad?   


How thorough is the background check?

Basically, I did a $@it load of drugs in college.  Does this disqualify me?

Does IRS OCC Entertain 2d Career Types?
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I was a securities lawyer at big (Am Law 100) firms for many years and decided to retrain myself as a tax lawyer via an NYU LLM in tax.  How does the OCC treat "mature" applicants, esp. those with a non-tax past? Thanks.

How are transfer students to top schools regarded?

Could you please comment on what my chances might be of getting hired through the Honors program? I graduated in the middle of my JD class with a 3.0 from a top 25 school. Im currently getting an LLM from a non-top 3 school (think: NU, BU, Miami). Because I'm going part time, I already have grades, which have been mostly As.  Ill be finishing this year. I've also worked for the government for about three years, incluing one year at the IRS. I have no experience working as an attorney, so I still qualify to apply through the Honors program.

I already had my first round interview and said I would be willing to go anywhere and work for almost any division, although my first choice location would be DC. My interviewers thought being very flexible would give me the best chance of getting a call. They were very positive, but were not sure if my JD grades would be a problem. My JD gpa was not high, but I was very consistent. I got variations on a B my entire way through no As, but nothing less than a B either. They were not sure whether the hiring committee uses automatic grade cutoffs. Do you have any idea? Also, do you think it would help that I am female?

I would appreciate any insight you might have!

do you think it would help that I am female?

"The Office of Chief Counsel, IRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for positions will be based solely on merit without regard to . . . gender . . . ."

Re: Former OCI Interviewer for IRS Office of Chief Counsel Taking Questions.
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I have an interview for the Honors Program but I don't have a tax background (haven't taken any tax classes). Will I be automatically dinged for this?