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DIversity Programs at Law Firms


DIversity Programs at Law Firms
« on: August 05, 2008, 07:12:30 PM »
can you guys inform me how this works?
i assume it's just like an SA position, but for minorities, and 1Ls.
is the pay and the work similar to regular 2L SA positions, but with just a touch of diversitiness? or is it completely different and UNPAID?
and do these also often come with an offer at the end of the summer?
also, are international students eligible for this? i know that usually with institutions, diversity doesn't cover foreign nationals (we apparently are a race of our own, one that doesn't contribute to diversity), but i'm guessing when lawfirms are just looking for colors in their offices, this won't matter?

and how competitive are these? i mean yeah, i assume since it's only a handful of cases in a handful of law schools, it's tough, but exactly how tough? like, the first-black-EIC-of-Harvard-Law-Review tough?