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Quote from: slinkman116 on Today at 03:35:14 PM
what about University of Maryland?  Good public school with great regional rep.

It's a decent school, and obviously people in D.C. know about it.  However, you'll generally have to do pretty well in your class at UMD to get a job in D.C..  As noted, you have the T14 all sending tons of grads to D.C., including the factory that is GULC, and you then have higher-ranked schools like GW, W&L, W&M, GMU and even American filling in most of the remaining slack, along with competitors like Catholic.

DC is one of the most competitive markets in the country.

^Any other thoughts on American?  It's not discussed much on LSD and it's a place that I may be looking at.  I don't have a shot at GULC nor GWU in D.C., so American would probably me my most solid choice of school in that area.  So, when you write "...and even American" I just wondered if it's not very highly respected or something like that.