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North Carolina Bar Exam

North Carolina Bar Exam
« on: July 31, 2008, 01:32:02 PM »
I write this mostly as a record for future takers, but also welcome comments and thoughts from others.

First, I had heard that NC recycles essay fact patterns somewhat, but I was surprised that two of the twelve were VERY familiar - one, about employing a vase-maker or vase-painter was 98% the same as I had seen before.  I had only looked at essays while studying in two locations -- the Barbri book-o-essays, and the released tests from the NCBLE for the last 3 years.  So one of those places or both was where I saw the essays I saw on the actual bar.  I bet if I had gone further back in time on released bar essays, I would have seen more familiar material.

So my tip is -- learn those essays, and get the released answers from your law school (UNC has them) for the ones not on the NCBLE site anymore.

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I'd seen the vase maker question before - pretty sure I still got it wrong.

What other question are you talking about?

I thought overall the essays were fairly difficult and the answers weren't always straightforward.


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Re: North Carolina Bar Exam
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Props for this thread.  Tag
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Re: North Carolina Bar Exam
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2008, 11:56:22 AM »
I can't recall off the top of my head now which was the other one I had totally seen before - if you'll help me brainstorm the essays, I'll remember.

Here are some it WASN'T

The PR one about Alice? starting a practice.
The marijuana in a dorm room one, with the RA and cop.
The motion to dismiss one about professional malpractice
The mortgage one about the moving house.
The adverse possession one about the Tenants in Common on the old Homeplace.
The double hearsay which I can remember nothing else about - do you?
The stealing deacon one (btw my torts were larceny, embezzlement, and fraud - felt like I was missing some there).

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Re: North Carolina Bar Exam
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Re: North Carolina Bar Exam
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For the record, I passed!