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Peaking too early / Burnout?

Peaking too early / Burnout?
« on: August 14, 2008, 05:39:50 PM »
Here's my situation:

I've been doing roughly 3 PT's a week since early July. I'm now scoring no lower than 175 on any of the PTs, and within the past 2 weeks have scored no lower than 178. I'm up to the June 03 exam which leaves me a lot of time until Oct 4, and little material. There are a couple of PT's (like 23-30) that I haven't done and was just saving some of the games sections to be a mock-experimental in my PT's leading directly up to the real exam.

Any ideas on how to keep my skills sharp without getting burnt out or peaking too early before the Oct exam?

Re: Peaking too early / Burnout?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2008, 08:42:40 PM »
ok but its a serious question. Replace the numbers above with any numbers you'd like, my point being that I'm where I want to be with accuracy and have been performing at that level under timed conditions. How does one keep their peak level of skill up for over a month until the test. Any tips from anyone in a similar situation?