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Craving Oyer:

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--- Quote from: CorpRaider on August 08, 2008, 01:50:46 PM ---EarlCat, What are your thought on LSAT Workout by Princeton Review. I know you mentioned it is a good choice for 165+ scorers looking to improve (situation I am currently in). However, do you think the logical reasoning drills they offer are worthwile?? After doing some of them they seem fairly different from the actual LSAT.

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Some of the args are good, but others left me scratching my head.  The book uses no real LSAT questions, which always involves the danger of deviating from what LSAC would do.  In this case, he intentionally deviated in order try and make the content more challenging than the actual test (and thus, a workout).  Mission accomplished.  Unfortunately, on some of the args I think he missed the mark by too much, and I have to call BS on some of the explanations.  :(

I'm still a big fan of the book for Games and RC.  It's worth the cover price alone just for the games IMHO and if you're breaking 165, you should get this book.

Other than than the args, my only other complaints are: 1) There is very little white space--some games have extra content at the top of the page leaving no room for diagramming and sometimes even requiring you to turn the page for additional questions.  2) The answer explanations are often hard to find and once you find them, the questions are in the order you should have attacked them on the test rather than in numerical order.  This makes it harder if you only want to find the explanation for just one or two questions.

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Would you mind clarifying how you would use this book with regard to the Logical Reasoning sections? Does it have any utility there at all? Or should I simply skip that section of the book?

I'd just take it with a grain of salt, or, if you're afraid it'll throw you off your game, leave it alone entirely.  Some of the stuff I just had to say, "oh please," and move on.  FWIW, one of my students thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and said it really helped her args score.  Go figure.


--- Quote from: Rocketman11 on August 13, 2008, 02:58:31 PM ---what is that one website similar to that lets you put in a Test and question number and it tells you what kind of question it was?

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wondering the same thing.

Nowhere Fast:

Two things:

1) Thanks for the thread/update. Awesome job.

2) Your link for the 'EarlCat Calculator' is just duplicate of the Preptest score link that is right above it.  So, just wanted to give you a head's up for the mistake.



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