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Chances of black 3.57, 169 from UCLA getting into T 14?

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I suspect that nobody knows.  Law schools don't want to discredit their affirmative action programs by disclosing that minority numbers are significantly lower than white ones.  I wouldn't call you a shoe-in at any of these, but you definitely have a shot in a way that a white applicant with your numbers would not.

Does anyone know of any specific LSATs/GPAs of people who got into T-14s?

You should make use of www.lawschoolnumbers.com

It looks like this person got into UPenn with lower stats than you http://www.lawschoolnumbers.com/display.php?user=technicalgeek

The same person shows to have gotten into Columbia, but it looks like he might have been an exception, even among URMs. 

This person got into Georgetown with much lower GPA, 1 pt higher LSAT:


You can do more research on there, but with your current stats I'm thinking Georgetown is a target, Penn maybe, Columbia no.  You're probably gonna want 3-4 points on the LSAT to have a decent shot at Columbia.  And yeah, URM is going to help you a ton.  Were you a non-URM, there would be no chance.  Having Yale as your undergrad is going to be a significant bump too.  You should have a good cycle.

Why not CLS/Penn?


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